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Welcome to the history of the band. Like most bands we have seen many revisions in musical selections and personnel over the years, yet our main focus of playing great music has never changed. We still bring the best to you to bring the best out of you.

  •  Formerly known as Baker Street Station (2016)

    Formerly named Baker Street Station - 2016

  •  The Reflections playing in Brockville (2017)

    2017 - Playing Brockville

  •  The Reflections playing ArtFest 2017

    Kingston ArtFest - July 1, 2017

  •  The Reflections playing with audience member on stage helping

    2018 - The Reflections

  •  The Reflections playing ArtFest 2018

    Kingston ArtFest - July 1, 2018

  •  The Reflections used as a promo picture in 2018

    2018 - The Reflections Promo Pic

  •  Lead Guitarist Andres Seros live

    Andre Seros - Lead Guitar

  •   Formerly known as Baker Street Station relaxing in 2017

    Baker Street Station relaxing :)

  •  View from the crowd in 2017

    2017 - View from the Crowd

  •  The Reflections main contact Dave Francis playing guitar at a performance

    Dave Francis - Band Contact & Rhythm Guitar

  •  The Reflections former lead guitarist John Gamach

    John Gamach former Lead Guitar

  •  The crowd fom the band perspective at a Kingston Legion in 2017

    2017 - Kingston Legion

  •  Monochrome picture of our Pearl drum set all set up

    Monochrome Pearl Drum Set

  •  The Reflections rehearsing at the studio in 2018

    2018 - Practice Session in the Studio

  •  The Reflections former vocalist (singer) Tom Baird

    Tom Baird former Lead Vocals

  •  The Reflections playing ArtFest 2019

    Kingston ArtFest - July 1, 2019

  •  The Reflections Lead Guitarist Andre Seros

    Andre Seros - The Reflections Lead Guitar

  •  The Reflections Lead Vocals Chuck Daoust

    Chuck Daoust - The Reflections Lead Vocals