Monochrome picture of The Reflections Pearl drums

Frequently Asked Questions…

Why Country or Rock?
We offer a choice to better suit the audience we may perform for! The Reflections primarily Country with a little Rock & Roll OR The Reflections Rock & Roll with a little bit of Country. You select the Genre, it’s our pleasure to perform.
Do we play special requests?
Our sets are organized before the show, however, you are encouraged to make a special request and we will play one or more should time allow.
Are we willing to learn specific material for a specific event?
As musicians we love to learn new material and for special occasions or as a specific request we do our upmost to cover our customer’s requests.
Do we interact with the Audience?
We encourage and value our interaction with our audience by occasionally inviting individuals on stage to assist the band. This has been a very positive experience for us.
How much do we charge?
Every venue is different, requirements are different. Please contact us for a quote.
What payment methods do we accept?
Payment, unless otherwise arranged, can be by cheque (if a business) or cash at the end of the night.
*** Personal cheques must be prearranged.